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hi, big thx for the great game. only bad is that you use copyright stuff my friend. but the game is wow. greetings from rosti


I gave the game a shot and while it's ok, I feel like there's a bit too much walking and not enough things  happening during the walk. Besides that, the story might be a bit lost on me since I never watched The Shining. But that's just me.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

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This is actually the first "horror" game I had to quit. I think I was almost at Act 5 (if there even is an Act 5). 
I didn't like this game. The only good part was when you entered that one room that opened and a little bit after that. That was okay and scary but the rest was just so so so boring. Lights are out, voices in your head, blood things on the wall and blah blah.
It takes too long for something to happen and I didn't get the story at all.
Sorry that's really the worst "horror" game I've played so far. 


Pretty cool. It has some slow moments but it's still pretty creepy. And I think any fan of The Shining will appreciate this game. Nice job!

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I watched the videos, interested in playing this. It'd be great if you made a linux port if it's possible.Can't seem to launch it via Wine. It's made with Unity, right?


We're planning to put out an update that fixes some of the issues our players have been facing, so we'll keep the Linux build in mind too.

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Thank you for considering it! I managed to run it with Proton 5.0-9, the only issue was around 2 screen freezes per level and the movement became extremely slow then picked up pace (don't know if it's by design). Since I played it I'm going to leave a review.

I liked that the game doesn't overdo the creepiness and avoids jumpscares so that's a plus. I liked the idea that it's based on The Shining. Overall mild to moderately creepy game but decent enough. Somethings to think:

1) Act I: the writing on the floor "ITS ME JACK" or something should be "IT'S", if I read correctly.

2) The last/penultimate act,probably: there's a visible gap between the axe breaking the door Unless it's meant to be hanging there, it should pierce it. Also some axes with blood would be better against a specific door maybe that can be opened or knocked by the player.

3) For its entirety the game is walking through the corridors and doesn't get creepy until Act 2/3. So to make it more interactive/increase the subtle creepiness it can use some:

  A) A mild background music for Act 1 or the parts that doesn't have any sound, for tension. Maybe varying the volume when the player doesn't expect is a good idea. Some footstep sounds since Danny is walking, a few more in the rooms maybe. Sound of the twin sister's/mom crying/scared/playing/chuckling. Knocking sound in the doors.

B) Make the player look back, maybe including creepy stuff as the player moves forward is a good idea.

4) Multiple clocks and Jack's old photos in the last act felt a bit overdone but the pages from printer against the doors was good. Also there was a repeated scene with frames rotating under red light, since the hallway already repeats and it's a short game, I think it would be better to change that to something else. Maybe flashbacks etc...!

5) It would be better if doors could be interacted (atleast knocking) with, maybe atleast some of them.

6) Rather than only Jack's voice after the credits if all the dead people appeared again (with voice in background), it would be better I think. Or atleast references to them, not just in pictures on the wall.

Things I liked: Flickering lights, the twin sister scene, room 237 (was it?) with bright light, the blood scene, references in the wall, subtle creepy undertone to it, progressing music to it.

Overall I enjoyed it, certainly good for a free game. I was mildly bored for Act 1 and 2, enjoyed 3 and 4,5 was okay. I thought this as Danny's dream, kind of Inception-y like, the hallway was repeating etc. like the maze in the garden.The suggestions are my own opinion from a player's perspective on what could improve the gameplay. Thanks!

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Just wanted to thank you for the Linux build :) I'll see now if the freezing issue got resolved.

Edit. Doesn't go past the "All you have to do is just walk.." screen unless I need to press anything. I can give you the Unity log if you need.


Good game i like how this could have happend after the movie.


ran into a problem with this but man the game was cool i loved it!

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Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

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Very very nice game ,  great job , i love the shining movie !!  My gameplay is Here = 


I can't find the game file after unzipping it


Hello, here's the steps to downloading the game:-

1. First of all you need to extract the zip file and after you're done with that this is the folder you'll see.

2. After That just open this folder and run the .exe file named "237.exe"

If you're still not able to find the .exe file, I would suggest re-downloading  the game, that will definitely solve the issue.

I hope this was helpful, if you encounter any other issue let me know.


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